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Q: How can I download videos from youtube and insert them into my lectures?
I would like to seamlessly insert videos downloaded from youtube into some of my lectures, and I think that many of my colleagues would like to do that as well. I went onto “The Wheel,” the instructional technology blog of ATS at UCD and searched ‘youtube.’ That led me to the link below that describes how to download video from the web (specifically from YouTube) and convert them into files that my Mac can read.


I tried to download something called Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, but I’m having problems getting it to work. Can I ask you guys to figure out a recipe for downloading the application, figuring out how it works, downloading the video from the net, converting it to a format we all can use, and sharing that recipe with everyone? We all use YouTube in the classroom, but I usually have to stash the safari screen in my dock, then load it when necessary. I’d just prefer to insert it into my ppt and let it play when it comes up.

A: We'll use the Wondershrare Video Converter® free trial* in this example. Other tools are also available, such as those mentioned in the article on The Wheel.

Download and install the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate free trial from the following link:


The first time you launch the application, you may see two things:

  1. A prompt to update to version 4.0.2 to fix a problem with the application freezing on launch. You want to install the update.
  2. A dialog box asking: Do you want to enable the video downloading feature? Click the Install button.

Once you launch the application it should look like this:
Click the Download icon in the toolbar.

Find the URL of the video you want to download, select the link, and copy the link. Now click the Paste URL button in the upper left portion of the Wondershare window

Your video should begin downloading.

Once the video has finished downloading, the downloaded video should now be in your Downloads folder.

If you hover your mouse over the name of the downloaded folder a magnifying glass icon should appear. If you click the magnifying glass it should show you the location of your downloaded video. The default location is in Movies → Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate → Downloads.

To use the downloaded video in your PowerPoint presentation, select the slide in PowerPoint on which you want to use the video and from the PowerPoint menu bar select: InsertMovieMovie from File… and navigate to the location of your downloaded video.

Here's an example PowerPoint with a downloaded movie: PPT YouTube Example.pptx

You don't need to put the video in a PowerPoint. You can simply play the downloaded video in an appropriate media player, such as Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, VLC media player, etc.

* The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate free trial allows you to convert 10 HD videos for free and places a "Wondershare" watermark in the upper-left corner of converted videos. The process described above is a download not a conversion, and I don't think downloads are subject to the 10-video limit. The price for the full version is currently $59.95. The use of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate in this example does not constitute and endorsement; it is simply an example of one tool available.