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Q: How should staff fill out “Leave” time in Google Calendar?
A: When geology staff are entering an event in Google Calendar describing leave time for which an ABSENCE NOTICE slip (form D1371 CALCODE 71461-107) will be turned in (ie: vacation ,sick leave, family care, etc), they should enter the event as follows:
  1. Name
  2. a dash
  3. the letters LV
  4. a dash
  5. the leave type code for the kind of leave (see table below)
  6. a dash
  7. the time of the leave
  8. Check the "All day" button even though the appointment or leave may not be scheduled for all day.
    This "All day" setting is required so that all Leave items appear in the top region of Google Calendar. (see example below)

    Leave Descriptions and Codes
    DescriptionType Code
    Compensatory Time OffCTO
    Family CareFC
    Family DeathFD
    Sick LeaveSKL

Here's an example: Joe Smith-LV-SKL-1-4pm

To create the event in Google Calendar, click the large red Create button.
Screenshot: google calendar create
In the Event Title area enter your name, a dash, the letters LV, a dash, the leave type code from the table, a dash, and the time of the leave.
Screenshot: google calendar create entry
Select the appropriate date or date range, check the All day button, and, if you have multiple calendars, be sure the appropriate calendar is selected.
Screenshot: google calendar create all-day
Click the Save button to create and save your calendar entry.
Screenshot google calendar save
You should then see a confirmation notification at the top of the calendar window.
Screenshot: google calendar confirmation
Here is the Leave entry as it appears in the top region of the Google Calendar page.
Screenshot: google calendar leave entry example

Page created: Friday, March 16, 2012