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Q: How do I prepare a MATLAB installation disk using the distribution from the SLC?
A: Start by purchasing licenses on the software.ucdavis.edu website and downloading the distribution .zip file.
  1. Unzip the distribution.

  2. This should produce a folder of files, in this example called Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10

  3. In this folder, double-click the matlab_installer_maci.tar file to unpack it.
  4. This should produce a folder called matlab_installer_maci, the contents should look like this:
  5. Drag the contents of the matlab_installer_maci folder out to the surrounding parent folder.

  6. The Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder should now look like this:
  7. Delete the matlab_installer_maci.tar file from the Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder.

  8. Delete the empty matlab_installer_maci folder from the Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder.

  9. Add a text file containing the FIK to the Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder

  10. Add the license.dat file to the Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder.

  11. The Matlab_MacOSX_32bit_R2010a_v7.10 folder should now look like:
  12. Use DiskUtility to burn this folder as a DVD/CD master, DiskUtility → File → New → Disk Image From Folder…

  13. Select a save location, set the Image Format to DVD/CD master and the encryption to none and Save the image.

  14. Test the installer image, if successful, burn to disk.