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Q: How should I configure FileZilla to do FTP file transfers through our firewall?
A: Nearly everyone wants to use FTP at some point. The challenge is, FTP is a messy protocol that needs a lot of help to secure it, as detailed at TechRepublic, among others.

One open source (free) FTP tool commonly used in the department is FileZilla. The following instructions describe how to configure FileZilla to successfully navigate our department firewall.

In our environment, configure FileZilla to use Active mode and to use the local port range 50000-50100.

  1. Launch FileZilla and open Settings…

    On a Mac: FileZilla → Settings…
    On Windows:

  2. Select the FTP settings page and choose Active

  3. Select the FTPActive mode settings page and enter a Lowest available port of 50000 and a Highest available port of 50100. Select Ask your operating system for the external IP address.
  4. Click OK

  5. Test your connection. Try this site:

    Password:<your email address>

    Your FileZilla window should look something like this:
    In the Remote Site window navigate to /pub/general