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Q: How do I install the new ArcGIS license provisioning file?
A: Start by purchasing licenses on the software.ucdavis.edu website and receiving a license provisioning file.

NOTE: Upgrading to ArcGIS 10.1 requires ArcGIS License Manager 10.0 to first be removed and then ArcGIS License Manager 10.1 installed. During this transition licenses will be unavailable. Instructions for transitioning to 10.1 from 10.0 can be found in the ArcGIS 10.1 License Manager Quick Start Guide

NOTE: Checked out or borrowed licenses will have to be returned first before all your Concurrent Use licenses can be upgraded.

scp the provisioning file to the ladmin@lm Desktop folder

   [admin@host ~] $ scp ArcGISforDesktopAdvancedformerlyArcInfo_concurrentuse.prvs \
log into the lm console (see: How do I access the virtual server consoles?
   [ladmin@lm ~] $ cd ./arcgis/license10.1
   [ladmin@lm ~] $ ./SoftwareAuthorizationLS 

Select "I have received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish the authorization process."

Screenshot: ArcGIS Software Authorization Wizard: I have received

Click the Browse button to navigate to the new provisioning file.

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

Click Open.

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

Click Next.

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

The Authorization Information will auto-populate.

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

Authorization Version Required


The Authorization numbers and number of licenses will auto-populate.

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot

The Authorization numbers and number of licenses will auto-populate.


Click Next>

ArcGIS-software-authorization-wizard screenshot


To enable License Borrrowing, start by launching LSAdmin, the License Server Administrator.

   [ladmin@lm ~] $ cd ./arcgis/license10.1
   [ladmin@lm ~] $ ./LSAdmin 

Select Configure.

Check the Allow License Borrowing box.

Set the Max Borrow Time. (The max borrow time has been set to 90 days - epw 8/23/2013.)

Be sure that after the update the service.txt file contains the port declarations for 27000 and 1787

[ladmin@lm Desktop]$ cat /home/ladmin/arcgis/license10.1/bin/service.txt

   SERVER this_host ANY 27000
   INCREMENT ACT ARCGIS 1 permanent 1 ...
   FEATURE ACT ARCGIS 1 permanent 1 ...

A reboot of the lm server is typically required for the license changes to take effect.
   [ladmin@lm ~] $ /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/reboot