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Q: How do I enable “right-clicking” with my mouse?
A: All modern Apple mice are capable of performing a “right-click” even though they may appear to have only one button.

To customize your Apple Mighty Mouse functions:

  • Choose Apple menuSystem Preferences… and then click Keyboard & Mouse

  • Click Mouse

  • To enable right-clicking, choose the pop-up for the right side button and select Secondary Button
    screenshot of Mighty Mouse preferences
  • Use the menus and sliders to further customize your mouse.

    1. Primary Button: For most clicking and dragging. It can be the left button, right button, or both.

    2. Secondary Button: Displays shortcut (contextual) menus--the same as Control-clicking a one-button mouse.

    3. Exposé, Dashboard, Application Switcher, and Spotlight: Activates these tools. For Exposé you can set the button to expose all windows, windows for the current application, or the desktop.

    4. Other: Opens an application of your choosing.

    5. Buttons 3 and 4: For video games, CAD programs, or other applications that work with multibutton devices.

    6. Off: Deactivates the button.

    7. Scrolling Options: Sets how the scroll ball behaves in windows and lists. Use the slider to adjust how quickly the pointer moves when you scroll. (The scroll ball doesn't scroll menus or sliders in dialog boxes.)

    8. Zoom using scroll ball while holding: Turns on zooming. To zoom, choose a key from the menu; then hold down that key while rolling the scroll ball. Click Options… for more settings. Try each option while zooming, moving the pointer to see the option’s effect.

    9. Tracking: Adjusts how fast the pointer moves when you drag.

    10. Double-Click: Adjusts how rapidly you must click for the computer to recognize a double-click.

To enable right-click on an Apple portable computer:

  • Choose Apple menuSystem Preferences… and then click Keyboard & Mouse

  • Click Trackpad

  • Select "Place two fingers on trackpad and click button for secondary click" to display an item s shortcut (contextual) menu. This feature is supported only on MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.