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Q: If my computer is stolen or damaged, is it covered by insurance?
A: The University self-insures for most types of property loss and damage in order to minimize the effects of unexpected losses on the teaching, research, and public service functions of the University.… Ultimately, however, protection from, and prevention of, direct property loss is the responsibility of individual departments and employees.

Please see: UC Davis, Risk Management: Property Insurance Program (BUS-28A) for full details.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Property Covered
    • Equipment and supplies in University care, custody, and control.
    •   and others…
  • Property NOT Covered
    • Property belonging to an individual (e.g., employee, faculty, or student).
    • Loss or damage of data for any reason, including from error in programming or instructing the machine, error in design, data erasure caused by or resulting from magnetic injury or electrical disturbances, system intrusion, or loss of data from use of unauthorized software.
    • Property specifically insured under a commercial insurance policy
    • Property federally financed for which the University does not possess title and has no care, custody, or control assumed under written agreement.
    •   and others…
  • Perils NOT Covered
    • Earthquake, landslide, mudflow, or any other earth movement unless loss by fire or explosion ensues.
    • Flood, surface water, waves, tidal water and waves, overflow streams or other bodies of water, breaking of boundaries of natural or man-made bodies of water
    • Unexplained or mysterious disappearance of any property
    • Loss or damage from mechanical breakdown, blowout, short circuit, or other electrical disturbance within any electrically equipped property
    • Loss or damage sustained due to any process or while property is actually being worked on and therefore resulting from any repairing, restoration, or retouching process.
    • Loss or damage of data for any reason, including error in programming/instructing the machine, system intrusion, design error, data erasure caused by or resulting from magnetic injury or electrical disturbances, or data loss from use of unauthorized software.
    • Loss or damage caused by or resulting from theft from unattended University vehicles or vehicles operated on University business
    • Loss or damage sustained by underwater exposure including equipment over-the-side whether tethered or not.
    •   and others…
  • Deductibles
    1. Water damage deductible is as follows:
      1. $5,000 per occurrence.
      2. Losses up to $50,000 will be funded by the Office of the President subject to the $5,000 deductible.
      3. Losses greater than $50,000 will be funded at 90 percent by the Office of the President, and 10 percent through campus resources for the amount excess of $50,000, subject to the $5,000 deductible.
    2. $1,000 per occurrence for theft where force is evident.
    3. $5,000 deductible for non-forced entry theft.
    4. $250 deductible for losses occurring during transit.   If the carrier pays all or a portion of the claim, the self-insurance program will pay the remaining amount of claim with no deductible applied.
    5. $5,000 per occurrence for fire damage.
    6. $1,000 per occurrence for all other covered losses.