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Q: How do I print posters from PowerPoint?
A: Printing posters from PowerPoint by uploading the file to Darth results in an Error: 79-04 message on the plotter.

Error: 79-04 means the evil forces of the galaxy have joined together to form a fatal error.
Getting this error usually means you tried to upload and print a PowerPoint file to Darth-Plotter.

The Darth Poster Printer supports a limited range of image and print-ready formats. These include:

  .ai   Adobe Illustrator files
  .jpg   JPEG files
  .pdf   PDF files
  .ps   PostScript® files

Other file formats must be converted to one of these supported formats before submitting them to the printer’s web page.

Note that the list does not include .doc or .docx Word files, .xls or .xlsx Excel files, or .ppt or .pptx PowerPoint files.
As noted above, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, and .docx files must be converted to one of the supported print formats before submitting them to the printer's web page.

If you cannot produce one of the above mentiond formats, or really want to print from your own application, you’ll need to install the HP DesignJet 4000 printer drivers and then print from your application. Instructions to do that can be found here: http://faq.geology.ucdavis.edu/printing_darth/printing-to-darth.html

Q & A

what to do when a powerpoint file will not directly print to darth:

  1. say to yourself, "janice told me not to use powerpoint."
  2. print the ppt or pptx file to a pdf file
  3. send the pdf to darth using the "normal printing instructions."
  4. say to yourself, "janice said that i really should use illustrator."

what to do when the powerpoint file won't print and the pdf file doesn't work either:

  1. say to yourself, "janice told me not to use powerpoint."
  2. try opening the pdf file in illustrator - save it as an ai and submit that file to darth
  3. say to yourself, "i guess i really should have used illustrator to begin with."

if this doesn’t work either, it’s time to use the force…

  1. save ppt or pptx file as a jpg or tiff
  2. rotate the jpg/tiff file to a portrait orientation (if it's not portrait already)
  3. submit the new file to darth with settings for:
    1. a custom paper size (you will need to enter your poster dimensions)
    2. 90° rotate (under transformations)
  4. say to yourself, "janice said that i really should use illustrator."

why can't you just convert your powerpoint files whenever you want to print? after all, it eventually works.

yes, it does eventually work, but you could save yourself a lot of stress if you use adobe illustrator right from the beginning (everyone together now, "janice says to use illustrator."). darth likes adobe illustrator. illustrator is one of his favorite programs (powerpoint, on the other hand, is the equivalent of a pesky little x-wing fighter piloted by some rebel named luke). even if you are able to convert it to a pdf file, you may still need to open the file in illustrator in order to remove some of the extraneous powerpoint information that is included in the file. and while there is nothing wrong with sending a jpg or tiff image of your poster to darth, there is no advantage in doing so. in fact, since powerpoint doesn't give you any options when you export to jpg or tiff images, the exported file is only of medium resolution. its appearance will be slightly degraded from what you could expect if you printed the file without converting it to an image file.

so to summarize,

"use illustrator to make your poster."