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Q: What are alternatives to printing to Darth?
A: From time to time, Darth, or your presentation, or some other misfortune or misadventure prevent you from printing on Darth. Here are some of your local printing options:

Reprographics on campus: submit online at http://reprographics.ucdavis.edu/large-format

  • cost: $116.75 for a 3' x 6' on standard paper (priced 9/21/11)

  • turnaround time: they like 3 days but can do faster if necessary

FedEx:   FedEx Office Print & Ship Center, 313 F Street, Davis, CA 95616 (530) 758-0310
  • cost: $7.25 a square foot on standard paper (priced 9/21/11)

    • with a department P.O or a university purchasing card: 30% off

    • without a P.O but with a student id: 10% off

  • size: they can print up to 5' wide by whatever length.

  • turnaround time: It depends on how busy they are but it can be done in the same day. I would recommend that you give FedEx a minimum of 24 hours in case something goes wrong - the same time frame I suggest with Darth… because we all know the closer the deadline is, the more likely something is to go wrong.

  • Here are couple things to keep in mind if you will be using FedEx for printing:

    1. they are running Illustrator CS3   (Illustrator 13.0.2)

    2. they convert illustrator files to pdfs so you might want to go ahead and do this step from the comfort and safety of your own machine

  • One other thing to note: if you are using any unusual typefaces in your poster, ones that you have downloaded yourself or some variant of a standard typeface, there is a chance that fedex will not have it installed on their machines. if you are concerned about font substitution issues:


    2. on the copy, use the Type → Create outlines command in Illustrator. This will outline all of your text. Keep in mind this essentially makes your text into object art so it is uneditable (this is why you need to do this on a copy of your poster).

Also, AGU Fall 2011 is offering a poster printing service through AlphaGraphics.