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Q: How do I preview posters on Darth?
A: The following steps outline the process for preveiwing posters on Darth.
From: janice fong 
Date: November 6, 2007 8:58:45 AM PDT
Subject: previewing posters on Darth-Plotter

when darth first arrived, we had him set up so that only his "handler" (me) was able to use the "preview" mode. as time went by, i learned how to control his power. once i no longer worried about his power controlling the minds of jedis-in-training (ie all of you), we released the "preview" mode to everyone.

in order to use the "preview" mode successfully, you need to select "yes" for "hold for preview". this prevents darth from printing until you decide the time is right. unless the box is checked, darth will happily process and print your poster - whether or not you want him to (yes, he still has some "i-control-the universe" issues).

Darth Plotter: Hold for preview window

once your job is loaded (and you've returned to the job queue screen), you will be able to preview your poster once the preview icon (a little magnifying glass) appears. note the little x in this screen capture. this means that your preview is not yet available. if you are worried that your computer isn't keeping track of the processing, you can hit the "refresh" button as shown here.

once you've previewed your poster (and if everything looks swell), select "continue"; and darth will begin printing your poster. if there are problems with your poster, select "cancel" or "delete"; and your job will not print.


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