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Q: How do I print from PPS to my printer?
A: Printing requires PPS users to go into PPS and set up the address of their printer.

The following information was adapted from http://payroll.ucdavis.edu/help/printfaq.cfm

Using the F5-Gen Doc runs a print job at Office of the President and then sends the printout to your local printer.

In order for PPS to know where to send your printout, you need to set up your printer's address on the PPS PRNT screen.

  1. On the PPS Main Menu screen, enter prnt on the Next Func line
  2. On the PRNT screen, move your cursor to the LPR1 or LPR2 line and type in the printer address according to the table below and press the F5 Update key.

  3. After you have updated the address, the "S" in the Selected Printer column will show on your updated line.

  4. A simple test is to immediately press the Function key 4-Print button and see if you get a copy of the screen.

    StaffPrinterPrinter address line
    Gayleaccounting-printlp@   or  text@
    Corinnemso-printerlp@   or  text@
    Noemipps-printlp@   or  text@
    Mandyadvising-printlp@   or  text@

Additional printer information can be found on our Printer Locations web page.