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Q: How is the time set on the classroom clocks?
A: Setting the time on the classroom clocks is a little more complicated than it might seem.

The time should set automatically using the WWVB radio signal from Colorado. In some cases, the La Crosse Technology clock may not receive the WWVB signal due to atmospheric disturbances or hard to reach locations such as inside shopping malls and concrete frame buildings. In this case, one needs to use the Manual Time Set button, located at the back of the clock, just above the left side of the battery to manually set the time.

To Set The Time Using The Manual Time Set Button

  1. Press and hold the Manual Time Set button. The second hand will move to the 12 position.
  2. Release the Manual Time Set button and again press and hold the Manual Time Set button. The minute and hour hands will fast forward while the button is held.
  3. Keep holding the Manual Time Set button until the time is set as required.
  4. Release the Manual Time Set button. About 3 seconds later the second hand will start to move and the clock is now running with manual time.

Note: When the clock displays manual time it will continue to try to receive the WWVB signal at each of the even numbered hours: 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00 … 20:00 & 22:00.

Daylight Savings Time

The National Institute of Standards and Technology and WWVB encode a special DST “bit” in the WWVB transmission for DST. Your La Crosse Technology clock will read this information and automatically advance the hands one hour in the spring and eleven hours in the fall.

*DST (Daylight savings time) ON/OFF Button

Pressing DST-ON/OFF button during DST the clock will switch to time without daylight saving. Pressing it again DST will be active again. In areas where no DST is used you may deactivate DST by pressing the DST-ON/OFF switch.

Video Set Up Guide

Ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VyZ8E6nel04

See also: http://faq.geology.ucdavis.edu/power/radio-controlled-analog-clock.pdf

The clocks are La Crosse Technology Radio Controlled Analog Clock model WT-3161.