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Q: How do I add a signature to a pdf form/file?
A: NOTE: These instructions are for adding an electronic signature in the form of a stamp to a pdf form; this is not the same as a digital signature which incorporates security features. For more information about electronic and digital signatures, see:

1. Scan a copy of your signature and save it as a pdf file. If you already have a scanned image, you can convert it to a pdf file using Preview.

If you would like your signature to have a transparent background, save your original scan as a .png file, remove the background from the .png image, and then save the .png file as a pdf file



2. Open your pdf form/file in Adobe Acrobat Professional.

3. To create a signature stamp:

  • Select "Comment" in the upper right corner
  • Click the stamp icon:
  • Select "Custom Stamps" ==> "Create Custom Stamp...":


  • Select your signature pdf file:
  • On the next dialogue box, enter your preferred "category" and "name":
  • Your "category" and signature should now appear in the stamp drop down menu:

  • Select your signature and drag it to where you would like to sign:

4. Save your newly signed pdf form.

Note: the signature stamp you created will be available whenever you launch your copy of Acrobat Professional. If you do not want it to be available, click the stamp icon ==> "Custom Stamps" ==> "Manage Stamps..." to delete it.