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Q: How can I change my geology password?
A: There are several ways for you to change your geology account password.

The best way is to go to the iMac Classroom in room 2231 EPS and log in to one of the iMac computers. After you log in, select System Preferences… from the Apple menu. In System Preferences select Accounts, and then Change Password….

Another way is to visit the following URL:


which will take you to the secure geology change password site.

NOTE: Passwords are case-sensitive. New passwords need to be 12 characters long, or longer, and contain a mixture of letters and digits.

ALSO NOTE: Safe computing practices recommend that you NOT click on URLs like the one shown above because the underlying link may take you to a different web site. Furthermore, you SHOULD NOT even trust copying and pasting the URL into a web page. Best security practices indicate that you should open a new web page and type in the URL by hand.

Once you arrive at the web site you should check that the padlock icon indicates it is a secure website. And you should click on the padlock (in Safari or Firefox) and ensure that the site you are at is one you thought you were going to.