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Q: What are my options for grammar and auto spell-check in e-mail?
A: You have several options.

You can use both.

You can enable auto spell checking in Mail using:

Mail → Preferences -> Composing

Mail: Composing Check Spelling as I type screenshot

Misspelled words should now show up underlined in red. To correct a word right-click (control-click) on the underlined word.

There is also a systemwide spelling and grammar checker available from within Mail, and other Mac OS X applications.

You can activate it in Mail using:

Mail → Edit → Spelling and Grammar → Show Spelling and Grammar

Be sure to check the “Check grammar” box at the bottom of the Spelling and Grammar window, as well as selecting U.S. English as the language.

When you mistype or misspell a word, it’s underlined in red so you can quickly spot errors and correct them. If you make a grammar error, it’s underlined in green.

Here it is checking this message:
Mail: Check spelling and grammar screenshot
For additional details check out Finder → Help on “spelling and grammar”
finder-help-spelling-and-grammar screenshot