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Q: Can I use the Earth and Planetary Sciences department/UC Davis logo on my "http://mygeologypage.ucdavis.edu/yourlastname" personal web page?
A: Yes and no.

The University of California policy concerning World Wide Web Standards (The University of California Policy and Procedure Manual: Chapter 310, Communications and Technology Section 70, World Wide Web Standards is available at: http://manuals.ucdavis.edu/PPM/310/310-70.pdf

The portion you should be aware of is near the end of the document - the section regarding personal home pages:

IV. UC Davis Web Standards

  1. Affiliated and personal Web pages

    1. Affiliated and personal Web pages shall feature the following statement on their home pages: UC Davis makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the information contained on these Web pages or of the security or privacy of any information collected by these Web pages. All views expressed in this Web site are those of the author and not UC Davis.

    2. Affiliate and personal Web pages shall display information disclosing the identity of the Web page author, including a contact name and e-mail address. If there is more than one page, this information shall appear on at least one page, preferably the home page. Web page authors shall not use false identities but may use a pseudonym so long as the pseudonym does not constitute a false identity. Users shall be directed to send any concerns or comments about these Web pages to the Web page author, and not to UC Davis.

    3. Officially recognized campus organizations (see Section 270-05) may be authorized to use UC Davis trademarks on their Web pages. To request permission, contact the trademark licensing coordinator, Office of Student Affairs, (530) 752-2026 or logos@ucdavis.edu. Any affiliated Web page that displays UC Davis trademarks must include the disclaimer "UC Davis logo used by permission." Personal Web pages may not use UC Davis logos, seals or other campus trademarks.

Okay...so what does this all mean?
In plain terms, please:

  1. include the disclaimer on your personal page (http://mygeologypage.ucdavis.edu/yourlastname)
  2. make sure your name and e-mail address appears on your home page
  3. do not use the UC Davis logos/seals/trademarks on your personal pages.

Please note that you are welcome to use the attached UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences department wordmark logo on your personal pages. You can use it to link back to our home page: http//:geology.ucdavis.edu

Earth and Planetary Sciences wordmark black
GEL wordmark black

Thank you for your cooperation.