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Q: The door keypad is talking to me. What does it mean?
Q: How do I know if the battery is getting low in the keypad unit?
A: Listed below are some of the common status indicators:

Common Keypad Status Indicators
  Green LED while the code is being entered Door is already unlocked
  Green LED and no chirps after code is entered Valid Code
Door should unlatch for 5 seconds.
  No green LED and 3 rapid chirps after code is entered Invalid Code
Three invalid attempts will lock out for 10 seconds with yellow LED
  No green LED and 4 chirps after user code is entered Low Battery *notify Julia immediately*
  No green LED and 4 chirps after user code is entered, then 4 more chirps Voltage (batteries) too low to operate *notify Julia NOW*
Master Code will be needed to gain entry
  No green LED and 1 chirp after user code entered Disabled User
  Yellow LED and 3 chirps after invalid user code entered 3 times User Lockout