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Q: Where can I get on-line Information Security Awareness Training?
A: In Fall 2014, campus Staff Development and Professional Services (SDPS) made available a series of short information security awareness videos.

UC Davis CyberSafety policy states:

“A technical training program must be documented and established for all systems staff responsible for security administration. In addition, campus unit administrators and users handling restricted university electronic communication records must receive annual information security awareness program training regarding university policy and proper information handling and controls.”

The SDPS Information Security Awareness Training modules are mostly focused on non-technical users. This on-line training appears appropriate for campus unit administrators and users handling university electronic communication records.

To access the training module, navigate to Securing the Human on the SDPS U-Learn website.

NOTE: You need your browser’s pop-up blocker turned off for the training to function.

Typically the training modules take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete. You may exit the course at any time. Your progress will be saved every time you exit the course. You may return to the course at any time and resume where you last left off.