FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

brought to you by your friendly
UC Davis Geology Department Computing Support Team

Q: I have a computing question/issue/problem in the geology department. How do I get help?
A: At various times members of your geology IT staff will be away from the office on business, or on vacation, or dealing with an illness or other matter. The most effective way to request help for a computing question/issue/problem is to send an e-mail message to one of these addresses:
   gel-ithelp (at) ucdavis.edu     (for computer helpdesk requests) or use this Web form

   gel-illustrator (at) ucdavis.edu  (for Illustrator requests)

   gel-webmaster (at) ucdavis.edu  (for webmaster requests)

Messages sent to either address will be automatically entered into our RT (Request Tracker) system, and the next available appropriate IT staff person will be able to begin working on your request.

The earlier you post your request, the better we can manage resources to deal with it.

In addition, you may find valuable the following geology computing resource:

The Geology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) website: http://faq.geology.ucdavis.edu

Among the items listed on the geology FAQ page are:

  • How do I set up an automated “Vacation” or “Away” message?
  • I want to take my university laptop across campus/the state/the country. What paperwork do I need?
  • What is the campus WebMail server address: http://geckomail.ucdavis.edu
  • How much does poster printing cost?
  • How do I set up my e-mail?
  • How do I check my e-mail quota?
  • Can I use the university or department logo on my research poster/presentation?
  • If my computer is stolen or damaged, is it covered by insurance?

And many other topics...