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Q: Is a free web page (HTML) editor available?
A: SeaMonkey is a free web page (HTML) editor. It is a port of the old Netscape Composer product.
SeaMonkey can be downloaded from http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/

When you first launch SeaMonkey you should set the preferences to open in Composer. To do this select SeaMonkeyAppearance and check the box next to Composer.

Screenshot of SeaMonkey Preferences window

To learn how to use SeaMonkey to compose web pages, select SeaMonkey Help from the SeaMonkey Help menu.

Screenshot of SeaMonkey Help

Then open the Creating Web Pages section:

Screenshot of SeaMonkey Help
			  Creating Web Pages window

Here is an example of what a web page looks like in the SeaMonkey Composer view:

Screenshot of
			  SeaMonkey Composer working on a web page