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Q: How do I export the contents of my Google Calendar?
A: Under certain circumstances, such as when campus is assimulating all "@ucdavis.edu" Google Apps accounts into the UC Davis Google Apps organizational network, you may want to export your Google Calendar(s) from your personal Google account and later import the calendar(s) into your new UC Davis Google Apps organizational account.

To export your personal Google account calendar(s), see Google's instructions: https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/37111?hl=en
Using those instructions you can choose either to export content from a specific calendar, or to export content from all calendars in your 'My calendars' list.

Augmented Instructions for exporting a single calendar

Step 3 of the "Exporting content from a specific calendar" should look like this:
After you click the ICAL button in the 'Private Address' section you should see a window that looks something like the screenshot below.

Click on the blue URL line to download your calendar. Then click the OK button to dismiss the window.

You may not see step 4 of the "Exporting content from a specific calendar" instructions because clicking the URL in the Private Address window in step 3 may result in a calendar file named basic.ics automatically being downloaded to your Downloads location. Remember to which location this file is downloaded, as you may need the file later as described below.

Caveat: We've noted that the exported calendar in the basic.ics file may not contain all of ones calendar entries.

To import your exported calendar into a new Google Calendar organizational account, log in to the new calendar account and create the calendar into which you want to import your old calendar events. Then click the drop-down arrow next to My calendars and choose Settings. Click the Import calendar link.
Choose the calendar file you exported earlier (named basic.ics in the example). Select the calendar into which you want the events imported, and click Import.

Now you can reestablish any sharing settings you may have set for your old calendar.

See my notes from the March 2010 transition: http://faq.geology.ucdavis.edu/gmailpilot/resharing-calendars.html

In addition, if appropriate, staff should see How should staff share their “Work” Google Calendar?