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UC Davis Geology Department Computing Support Team

Q: How do I connect my computer to the wired Ethernet network in the Earth and planetary sciences department?
A: If your computer is not registered with the UC Davis Earth and planetary sciences network, it will not be allowed to access the Internet from the Earth and planetary sciences network.

Prerequisites to registering your computer include:

  • Have your computer's operating system and applications patched with the latest security and critical system patches.

  • Have your computer configured to check for security updates and install them withing 7 days of release.

  • Run antivirus software with up-to-date virus definitions.

  • Have your computer's antivirus software connfigured to check for new updates and install them withing 24 hours of release.

  • Have the computer operating system's software firewall enabled and active.

  • For Windows computers, run current anti-spyware software.

To register your computer, navigate to: https://cybersafety.geology.ucdavis.edu and click on “Register a computer”.